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Thread: Vince Cummings Custom Fly Rod - $900

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    Vince Cummings Custom Graphite Fly Rod. "MINT CONDITION" ROD HAS NEVER BEEN USED.
    Rod is marked as follows: Vince Cummings Custom. V.C.Graphite, FL - 5854 Line Wt. 7or8 8 1/2. This is a 4 piece unit with an aluminum case. I've had this in a safe for approx 30 years. Photos available. $900. Price reduction: $500.00 inc shipping. Note:I was informed by a so-called-expert to post the $900 price. I'm looking to sell, period, not bargain. As a life-long sportsman, I believe that if you want something special, you'll go for it!
    Also have vintage lures/flies.
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