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Thread: ATH Rio Orbigo Reel and Hardy Featherweight Spool

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    Default ATH Rio Orbigo Reel

    I have decided to sell my Ari' T. Hart Rio Orbigo F2 reel. There are not many, if any, reels that combine artful design and function as well as a Hart. His F series of reels are some of the most prized.

    The F2 spool is 2.75" in diameter. 3" to the outer edges of the stainless steel protective rim.
    Weight is 5.6 ounces.
    Spool accommodates a DT6F/WF7F plus 50 yards of 20# backing.

    My particular reel is the all black design. Serial no. 3458, which puts it in the "second generation" of Hart Design "F" reels.
    Comes with its original leather pouch. The reel is loaded with a H&H DT6F line and very good condition. It is set up for LHW, but can be reversed. Not by me!

    As to condition, I would rate the reel as very good cosmetically. Mechanically it is excellent. The reel was gone over by Bill Archuleta of Archuleta Reel Works a few years ago and still has the quietest and sweetest click I've ever heard.

    Selling price will include the case, line, backing, USPS Priority shipping in the CONUS, and insurance.

    Here a few, not so good, pics...........gotta get a new camera!

    $265.00, as per above.
    If interested, please PM me here or email Substitute @ for AT.


    The ATH is SOLD!!

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