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Thread: TYING THE IBIS AND WHITE - Old flies - August 31,2009

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    Default TYING THE IBIS AND WHITE - Old flies - August 31,2009


    An Old Flies article by Eric Austin

    "This is something of an ?introductory? complicated fly, featuring a married wing and tail, but not as difficult as some others."

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    You just totally amaze me. This weeks article and step by step instructions are way over the top. Excellent work. Thank you very much.

    Happiness is wading boots that never have a chance to dry out.

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    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for another excellent article. On my last fishing trip in New Zealand, with Mike Thomas actually, I caught a small rainbow on a minor variation of this (silver rib rather than gold). I've always tied mine using hackle fibres for the tails, although the married quill tails look so much nicer. Anyway, for anyone thinking of tying these, remember, they are for fishing as well and they will catch fish. Brookies, for one, love them.

    - Jeff

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    Wow! Great tutorial, Eric!!! I guess I know what I'll be doing this week...


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    Default Tying Ibis & White, Wet Fly

    Eric Austin, has done it again! First he showed, with "Step by Step" instructions, how to dress a "Jock Scott" Traditional Salmon Fly pattern.

    Then Eric showed, with "Step by Step" instructions, how to dress Carrie Steven's "White Ghost" Fly pattern.

    Now Eric has shown, with "Step by Step" instructions, how to dress a "Ibis and White" Wet Fly Pattern, using duck wing feathers.

    Thank You, Eric!

    I just want to inform anyone who wishes to attempt these Wet Fly patterns or Salmon Fly , to first read another article by Eric Austin, in Ronn Lucas Sr. Atlantic Salmon Fly Tying Series, on "Marring Wings", which is a must read before starting.

    Eric has stated in his other "Step by Step" article that, a novice fly tyer of Salmon Flies, should first learn how to dress Wet Fly patterns. Eric also stated in previous articles that the novice tyer must master how to Marry Wings before, attempting to dress Wet Fly patterns!

    I been with FAOL since October of 1997, and during all that time I have been coping and pasting just about every article on FAOL that has to do with Fly Tying and Dressing Hooks. I learned on early, that just doing a print-out on your printer (of the article, directly from FAOL) will not give you the best result of article layout on your printed copy. Plus the expense of ink that your printer uses.

    So I am offering free copy of any of the "Just Old Flies and stuff" articles, most of Ronn Lucas Sr."Atlantic Salmon" series, as well as all articles of "Fly of the Week", plus all 60 articles in Al Campbell's " Beginner's, Intermediate, & Advance Fly Tying Series" & all of Al Campbell's "Too Simple Flies"! I also have other fly pattern found elsewhere on FAOL.

    Suitable for printout or just for viewing on your computer, laptop, or an older platform computer that is to slow for the internet at your fly tying station. Just my way of help other member of FAOL......



    Subject Line: FAOL Article Request

    Then a list of articles you wish for download.
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