This is the last of 4 sets of swap flies that we are going to auction off for the James Castwell bench fund. All funds will be donated to the bench fund. (see here if you have missed it: )

The swap was conducted here:

Here are the pictures of the flies:

OK, so now you have the background if you weren't aware already. Here are the details:

Post on this thread to make your bid for the final set. Highest bid will receive the flies. All 48 flies will be included. Bids can be posted until 9:59 PM on September 5 (Central Time). Highest bid at that time will receive one full set of flies from our swap.

If you win, send the payment to me. I will then send you your flies, and then send the money from all 4 auctions to the fund. I am not subtracting shipping from your bid amount, so if you want to include shipping, it will be appreciated, but if you don't, I'll pay for it myself. The bottom line is that the full amount is going to the bench, and not the net proceeds. PM me with questions, and I'll answer as soon as I can.

Once again, this is the last set of these flies to be auctioned. There will be another set that will be a raffle prize, but if you want a set, this is your last real chance.

Good luck on your bidding!