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This is a beautiful pattern --- I plan on tying some up for my home river here in Michigan.
There's beautiful, like the friend for whom this fly is named, and there is fishable, like in hitting four creeks in Northern Idaho between 11:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m. today and catching cutts in all of them with this fly. My friend could probably do as well if she had been on the water with me, so I guess that makes her fishable, too.

The first creek only produced two medium size cutts but the fly also got some attention. Not embarassed to say that the FEB Hopper was the hot ticket on that creek for getting looks, and hits, and chases if not fishies in hand ( another two ).

On the second creek, Elizabeth Creek, Lizzie's Stone hit her stride. Only landed about half a dozen, but had at least that many more hits, in just a few spots and in under half an hour.

Back to some bigger water, the N. F. of the Clearwater. Something like nine or ten fish in hand and turned a bunch more, including several that looked to be in the 12-13" range.

Finally, Long Creek cutts took a shine to this fly. Landed five or six and turned another five or six. These fish were smaller, but they had bigger appetites and were more aggressive about taking Lizzie's Stone. A couple of them took a shot at it after it had sunk, one ate it and the other missed it.

Most of the water I fished today was VERY clear. In many cases, I could see the fish coming to the fly, whether it hit it, refused it, ate it, whatever. On the day, I probably saw something over forty fish on it or around it.