Liljoe and I hooked up around 11:30 at the first bridge below Normandy Dam. We worked our way down stream picking up a fish now and then, nothing to write home about! The Caddis where hatching "Again" and there was a lot of surface activity but not much luck with wet fly's. Warren joined us around 2:30 and began working his way down stream to catch up with Liljoe. I'm getting stubborn in my old age and stuck it out throwing wet fly's at lots of rising fish with very little luck!! I found a soft spot to set down in the shade and try to figure out what to do!!
Low and behold I had some dry fly's in my pack. I changed over to a dry fly leader, 7X tippet and tied on a size 18 Adams! Hoo Haa!! I was Dry Fly fishing on the Duck River!! 5 Rainbow's and a bunch of Blue Gills latter I was very happy to call it a day, Warren and liljoe were well out of sight downstream by this time and I hope they had as good a time ad I did!