I have become quite the Carp huntress. Enough so, that I know what rod I would like to help me with this. What I want is a 7'9" 6/7 wt rod with a forgiving tip but back bone plus. Talked to several local rod builders and had some great ideas with decent prices.
But, While in Idaho in April for the Fly Tying expo, I stopped by the SWEETGRASS booth and talked to Dave Delisi. He had the Mantra Quad there but loaded with some beat up line. He said, "go Cast it". I did and I was casting to the backing with this rod. Better yet, it was a 7'9" 6/7 wt. Ding, Ding, Ding. We have a winner! Plus it is a "SWEETGRASS"! My hubby ordered it for my birthday, which was a little late, but who cares. Ordered it the last of April and received it the last of July!!!! Nice work Dave.

What a wonderful rod!!!!