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    Hi everyone,

    I'm in need of a new 8wt (well, I don't NEED it, I want it though) and I have an abundance of rods that just don't get used.

    Here's what I have on the block. I will work on photos later tonight though, so please be patient.

    Montague Clipper 9' 3/1 - throws a WF5F nicely. Probably better with a 6wt. Beautiful cosmetically, but will need new ferrules (don't they always seem to need them?) No case or sock. ******Sold******

    South Bend model 59 (24 actually, see below) - 9' 3/2 8wt. Bass taper. Beautiful reconditioned rod. Has a nicely done repair to middle section. Alumimum screw top case and SB sock. Fished it once for about 10 minutes since I got it. $125.00

    Custom 7' 2pc 4wt on deep blue rainshadow blank built by Mike Popick. Incredible custom Birch Bark grip. Winston style nickel silver reel seat. Nice med. fast action. I just have too many blueline rods and this one doesn't see any action. PVC case and sock. Lawn cast only. $175.00

    Redington Red.Fly 7'6" 4/5wt 4pc. Med Fast action. Deep blue blank. This was my very first fly rod that I bought in 2003. Comes with a nice red zipper top case and a sock. Great shape, only saw a season of novice use before I started buying rods. 4/5wt. I like it with a WF5F but it gets much faster with a 4wt. This rod retailed new (and I paid that) for $160. Asking $100.00

    Prices do not include shipping.

    I'd be willing to trade for any combination of the above +/- cash etc. for a nice fast action 4pc. 8wt for mainly saltwater flats. Not looking for tomato stakes though. I'd consider a 9wt if you have a line to throw in. Some ideas:

    - TFO TiCr, TiCrX, Axiom, Jim Tenney. I don't care for the action of the professionals.
    - St.Croix Legend Elite, Ultra, or Avid (prefer Ultra, I think)
    - Anything Sage (except DS2, Launch, and Flight), Winston (no Vapor), Scott
    - Would love to find an old Redington DFR!!!
    - Echo2
    - Anything custom built (as you can see I'm a sucker for customs)
    - Diamondglass GLR864, or GLR804 (Yeah, not an 8wt, but I'm addicted to my GLR663 and desperately want a longer 4wt version. If I find one my TFO 8'9" 4wt finesse may have to go)

    Basically, I'm looking for a respectable 8wt that isn't necessarily a top end rod (unless its used and affordable).

    PM me with any interests...


    Pictures can be seen here:
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