Hi Eric,

As above, the step by step sequence that you wrote for this article is excellent. I appreciate the photos as well. With the good close up photos and writing, the tying in general, and also some of the fine points which make for a graceful job are fairly clear and very helpful.

At any rate: three cheers, nice job and thank you!

I do have a couple of questions, however. It looks like you glue up the wing assemblies, as my reading indicates that Carrie Stevens used to do. What type of glue do you use for this step, and could you give any pointers on this step?

The second question is: do you ever fish the Carrie Stevens classic patterns? I have fished them to a very limited extent, but tend to enjoy tying them more than fishing them. When I fish a streamer it is more likely to be a bugger, an hackleless bugger, or a bucktail wing streamer. Any thoughts on fishing these classic patterns?

Thanks and regards,