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Thread: HOOKED ON FASHION - Bob Boese - August 10, 2009

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    Default HOOKED ON FASHION - Bob Boese - August 10, 2009


    Hooks and the various styles are almost as confusing as woman's clothing. Bob shows his expertise when trying to find the right fit. (Hook that is)

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    Default Oops!

    A boo-boo in the article has already been pointed out.

    Despite my research (and trust me it was extensive) even I was caught providing an incomplete explanation. This is why many folks do poorly on multi-choice (a/k/a multiple-guess) tests. Some answers are sort of right.
    The fact is:
    MOST fly hook makers use the "one size up convention" for X sizing, as explained in the article.
    As with other hook aspects, this is not universal. Actually, it is not even univeral in the same manufacturer and may differ between hook styles, or materials.
    Isn't that special?

    So...my bad for inferring it was consistent because, like everything else about hooks, there is no consistency.

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    Default HOOKED ON FASHION - Bob Boese - August 10, 2009

    Ah, a man truly worthy of being named Bob! Always a fun read...

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    Well, I just use Mustad hooks.
    And I forget what the number is.
    And no, I'm not going to find the receipt to figure out what it was nether.
    Next batch will likely be something different, unless they have it on file...
    I do have some of those hooks from Japan. But my tweezers just seem to gravitate to the Mustad's.
    Must be my eyeball pickin the beefier hook...
    Sonny Edmonds

    "If I don't teach them, how will those Grand Kids learn to fish?"
    Lesson 1: What catches fish Vs: What catches fisherman's money.

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    Hi Bob,

    Great article. I knew some of it but not all. Nicely done.

    The information on womens sizes, however, was completely new, I new none of it. Up until this point I must have just been lucky. (Just kiddin.)

    Thanks again for the well done article.



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