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    Aged Sage;
    I use a Dremel Tool at 8000 rpm. No counters, no weights no spread sheets, just the feel aquired after years of furling and I'll put mine up against anyones!

    I have built furling boards for several members and have taught them the simple way to make an effective furled leader without the use of Spread Sheets, Rpm Counters, etc!

    Furling leaders is an art as well as a science. It is really quite easy as several of us have discovered. Methods, materials, tecniques may vary, as in any art form, but they can all produce a Furled Leader that does what it is supposed to do, cast a fly.

    Furling leaders is not the Rocket Science some would like us to believe.
    Wow that Dremel has a little more rpms then what i use (about 700, with the gears i had laying around).
    I agree the making of a furled leader is not rocket science, but i just like treating it that way. Had some in depth discussions with dman and aged_sage on the furled leader forum and loved it. If it has not improved my furled leaders, it certainly helped in understanding why furled leader work that good.
    As i live in europe i think i'll not meet both of them ever, but i feel like i've found some friends online. All just because of treating furled leader making as rocket science


    PS. below are some pics of my rev counter (a 2$ bicycle computer).

    Above the cover of the motor is removed, below an older pic of how i use the motor (before the rev counter was installed)
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