This is a Micro Halogen Lamp by Zelco...rather you can see by the photos it can be disassembled for portability...of course it can be used for other than tying but I bought it in a fly shop

Sells for $90 new...I 'll sell for $60 plus shipping to lower 48 which I'm guessing will be in the $10 range for Priority

Here is a description I found..note the shaft is flexible


Design Your Own Lighting. Easily create a high, low, task, desk, clip-on or accent light with the award winning Micro Halogen. This unique lighting system contains wireless, interchangeable arms and flexible components. The reflector, long arm section and weighted table base are of jewelry quality anodized aluminum. The Micro produces a light equal to a 75 watt incandescent bulb while consuming only 20 watts of electricity, making it the first low cost, low voltage, high tech lighting system.

BTW I turned it on and it works.