I don't mind fishing with women. Most recent was with my Baby Sister in the High Sierras.
After all, I have worked with a lot of women over the years, why would I not share the joy of the out doors with them as well?
My elder Sister wants to learn to fly fish now as a result of our Family Reunion and my fly fishing she saw. And she will, too. Because I am going to help her to learn, whatever I can anyway.
My wife is the quiet type, she doesn't fish, but never stops me in any of my endeavors. She trusts in me to have researched whatever it is I am investing in. I'm not a "tight-wad", nor do I buy cheap either. I don't want her to do so either.
But she made the trek to Chickenfoot Lake with all of us. A Family Tradition when we went to Rock Creek as children with our parents. A tough trek into 11,000 foot elevations. My Sisters say she is truly an Edmonds girl now!
I have 4 Sisters, 2 older, 2 younger. No Brothers, not birth brothers that is.
If a woman wants to join in, I'm all for it.
But don't run your mouth, or take offense to me eying you. Because I am 110% heterosexual male. I love female attributes, all types. But not air heads or ratchet jaws. If you have something to say, I'll listen. But don't prattle on and expect me to pay attention for too long.
I'm not competitive, if she (any she) out fishes me, GOOD for Her! It must be something I am doing wrong. I'm out for the fun, the sites, and the commune with nature.
My greatest joy when captaining my boat is to watch others catch the fish. My greatest hope is that the fish I release will live.
Women are Welcome in my fishing camps. (At least once, anyways.)