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Thread: Hobak, Granite, Big and Little Sandy

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    Default Hobak, Granite, Big and Little Sandy

    Went to Granite Hot Springs on the 5th, the Hoback was coming down but still a little murky. Granite Creek was high but very clear and had some people fishing it. The falls are looking just like they are in "A River Runs Thru IT". I didn't fish just soaked at the pool. Oh yea, saw a drift boat on the Hobak about a mile after it enters the canyon.

    Went to the Winds on Thursday the 9th, Big Sandy is running full but clear at Buckskin Crossing and Longdraw. Some people camped in Longdraw said the fishing was slow, flies and hardware. Little Sandy at the bridge on the loop tour below what I call Cow Camp, is clear and fast but not real high.
    Lander Creek is nice but the SKEETERS are undescribable!

    I ended up fishing the Little Sandy up at the trailhead above Block and Tackle hill. Did really good on a Deer Hair Irresistable and a flie tied like a Bivisible but with all grizzly hackle both either size 14 or 16. Just small Brookies, 4 to 6 inches, with a couple around 8". I didn't count but caught around 20 or so.
    We won't talk about how many were missed before the first one hooked itself.

    I will try to post some pics when I get on the home puter, am at work for this post, only remembered the cell phone for pics, DUH!! It was just nice to get a line wet, PERIOD!!!!
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