Just thought I'd share some photos with you guys of the trip that I just got back from yesterday. We were staying in Northwest Michigan and I mainly fished a small tributary, a bigger river, and the Jordan river. I started off fishing the trib, and did probably everyday of the trip, as we were staying right next to it. Here's the biggest brook trout of the trip, although I lost two that I'm pretty sure were bigger, it was a great fish nontheless.

The creek.

The creek again at the spot where a real nice rainbow was landed. Can you guess where he was?

Here he is. He ate a size 14 adams tied by yours truly.

We fished "the bigger river" multiple times throughout the trip. This is where I hooked one of the "bigger brook trout" but failed to land. It's gorgeous through here. This is a natural preserve upstream from the access point. It's not the easiest place to fish though. There are about a million places fish could be and it gets hit fairly hard.

Downstream from the access.

And a prize.

And another from a different day. Strangely, it was the only brown trout of the trip. He was small, but a gorgeous fish as well.

The last day, we hit the jordan river at old state road. I waded upstream quite a ways and hit the canoe hatch in full swing. I did okay but could've caught a lot more fish. I missed lots of strikes but i guess it was just one of those days. Here's looking downstream a ways upstream from the access point.

And the final prize of the trip.

These are just a few of the pictures I took and I hope you enjoyed them. Get out and go fishing.