A friend of mine, a FF guide, had his car broken into yesterday. He guides west of Toronto, Ontario mostly, and had the following gear (as well as some camera gear) stolen from his vehicle. Please keep your eyes open, and PM me if you see any of this stuff turn up.

Thanks so much,

(copied from another site)

Scott G2 904-4
Waterworks ULA Force 1.5 with Sharkskin Heron Grey line (Haven't seen another around here.)
Fin Nor Wedding Cake #1 reel with TT 6wt line Ivory! (Dead giveaway, Google it)
Simms G3 Convertible Waders, wet and stinky (the guy must fish)
Sage Backpack
Lamson Velicity #1.5 reel with Sharkskin Green line
Various Simms Bags
House of Hardy Flyweight reel with Courtland Sylk Line
Cedar Landing net W magnetic release. 19 inch hoop marked 20 to 30 inches on handle with 2 dots at 20 and 3 at 30 1 dot at 1 inch intervals. There are 4 others out there like this.
This is a small list of the most Important items related to fishing.