Hit a stream that is new to me but one that I have had my eye on for a couple years...found it to be AWESOME!

This was a pretty small river, only about 20-25 feet across for the most part...water was shallow and about crystal clear.

Got the first 3 fish within 10 minutes and caught all day long.

What I found shocking was the fight of these fish...the first one had me doing a double take, it was only about 8" but fought, jumped and thrashed like crazy....this continued all day!

There were no subtle takes and sippers here...fished mostly top-water and the strikes were sudden, thrashing...all business.

I suppose the skinny, clear water makes compitition for food tough so if they are going to expose themselves, they mean business...these were by far the strongest Smallies I have come across!

Caught scores in the 8-12 range and 6-7 in the 14-15 range.

If you look at the pictues, you'll see greenish pockets...most all those held fish..some of those tiny holes actually held 5-6 fish!

Only took one fish pic...I figure life is tough for these fish so let 'em be.