Well, I've been waiting for quite some time for this. Have finally made it back to Nova Scotia and got out into some backwoods streams. Went with my Dad, Brother in law, nephew, and one of his friends out along one of the forestry roads about 30 km from town (18 miles or so). Took a small 3 weight rod with me. Here's one of the streams:

I like this photo as you can see the ring from a rise. Nice. Anyway, the waters in the streams are very peaty (tea coloured) due, we think, to peat bogs. Anyway, there were all sorts of brookies around. I had about 5 or so strikes, and finally:

Yes, there is a wee 3 incher on the end of the line there! ha! took one fo the flies I tied with wool I dyed myself! Great fun. Will be going out again pretty soon. I've been exploring around, and have cast a line before now, but this was the kind of thing I've been wanting to get back to. Really nice to see again.

- Jeff