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Thread: Top 10 Flies To Take Along

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    st.croixguy Guest

    Default 10 go to flies

    1) PMD sz 14 16 18

    2) Hopper patterns , at least 3 different colors

    3) Royal trude sz 14"ish"

    4) Elk hair caddis sz 12-18 (IN ALL COLORS!)

    5) BWOs sz 16-20

    6) Prince nymph sz 10-14

    7) Cased caddis sz 10-14

    Yellow sally sz 10-12

    9) PED or Light Hendrickson (I like the para versions) sz 16-20

    10) Clarks stone BIG! ( with rubber legs prefureably) sz 8-10

    Try the big flies with a dropper, the Prince Nymph works well for me.

    Might want to add an 11th fly, a may fly nymph pattern. A pheasant tail in a small size ("18ish") or a small emerger type, both are killer as droppers.

    Also the cased caddis with an emerger fished DEEP in a two or three nymph rig is good for the hot mid day times with no hatch on.

    This list WILL get you by on most big western rivers.
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