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    Golden stones, caddis, PMDs and yellow sallies. Not a lot of them, but saw some of each. More caddis than anything else. The water is still fairly high with run off, but it is clear - stained, but clear, and kind of cold, too.

    Fished the LF's Golden Stone for about two hours this afternoon wet wading in the National Forest Section of Rock Creek. Just drove the road until I saw some promising water, got out and got to fishing. Got a hit almost immediately. Always a good sign. That was followed fairly quickly by a small rainbow. That was it for the first place I fished.

    Drove up the road a way looking for another spot to try. Got a bigger bow and then a brown about the same size. Both in the 10-11" range. Close to shore under overhanging foliage. Had several fish hit the fly at this spot and not hook up.

    Another short drive brought me to another place that looked pretty good. Not so good. Although I did catch a beautiful 9" cutthroat there. Saw several fish rise for naturals right in front of me, but I didn't have my pack and flybox with me and the fish weren't interested in the stonefly, except one that hit it lightly. Probably would have had a better chance with a caddis emerger, or maybe even a caddis dry.

    Walked upstream a little way and tried another spot. Nothing.

    Drove on a bit further. Caught another cutthroat, a small one, and had another something on but lost it. That one felt pretty much like the larger bow and the brown. Had several more fishies hit the fly and not hook up at this spot.

    Ended up with five in hand - two bows, two cutts and a brown - with another one hooked decently, but lost. Somewhere around eight or nine hit the fly but didn't eat it. This was the same fly that I fished on the Henry's Fork a couple weeks ago. It floated for another couple hours today and still looked great at the end of the day. Looks like it will be good for another go tomorrow.

    Took some pics, but since I'm not on my home computer, I can't post any. Maybe when I get home I'll edit the thread to include some pics of Rock Creek, a really neat foot bridge across the river, and a couple fishies.


    Must be a famous trout stream. Haven't seen so many fly fisherman on one piece of water or in one area since I fished in YNP on opening day a couple years ago. Maybe the upper Bitterroot, which is on my agenda for tomorrow, will have fewer folks hanging around ??
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