yea i agree, i always try to get the very best state of the art in everything that has to do with fishing, but most of my excursions are walking up river or fishing structure from my canoe, this humminbird as nice as it is is a little more than i want, the fish finder cost twice what the canoe is worth over $1000, i guess i'll post an ad for it. i thought of you cause i know you have a boat and i trust you, i grew up in the inner city and it's not in my nature to trust just anyone. if you were interested i would send you the unit and if your satisfied than send me 500, that is half price and the only place this has been hooked up was in demo mode never been on a boat,,,anyway good luck fishing maybe we could meet at the grand river this late spring or early summer and i/ll show you what these 20 inch river smallmouth are all about. to me they are the gamest fish pound for pound inch for inch they are it, keep in touch bobby