I've become aware and been studying all I can find about Tenkara for the last 5 or 6 weeks. To be honest, I will probably end up purchasing a rod or two, I'm currently being held back from springing for a couple of reasons -

Reason 1, both my wife and I are currently unemployed with no prospects for employment any time soon.

Reason 2, I don't fish any small waters. My home river, the Muskegon in Michigan, is a brute of a river. Of course, one can always view it as a series of smaller creeks running in parallel with each other.

Reason 3, I need a new rod like I need a hole in the head. I've lost count about 25 years ago, however new rods always seem to show up.

Several folks had discussed using some of the telescoping "bream" poles as a poor substitute. I had thought about looking into this option, and taking a drive out to Cabela's, but for the reasons stated above, had yet to do so.

Today, my wife needed to stop in at Walmart, out of force of habit, I wandered back to sporting goods to see if they had any 9mm ammo in stock. (as usual, the shelves were empty). However, then out of the corner of my eye, I see a brand new rack of South Bend Black Beauties -

With a name like Black Beauty, and a cost of only $15, how could I pass it up?

So needless to say, I've spent the past several hours experimenting and playing. First thing was to figure out how to line the beast, I mean beauty. I knew I wanted to use a furled line/leader. Wasn't sure to try a light weight version, or something heavier.

First several experiments were brutal failures, was unable to get my line to straighten. For starts, I had just looped my leader thru the end of the rod. I tried both heavy and light leaders, same results. I came to the possible explanation that the line might be hinging at the tip.

I decided to take the plunge and permanently attach an extended leader I had just furled up special for this application -

Voila, cast like a champ. Line laid out nice but gentle. Worked great for overhead, side arm, and roll casts. Still not sure how well this set up will work for hooking and playing fish, nor how durable it's going to be. I'll find that out tomorrow and over the weekend. I do know I'm going to be able to get my fly out there and present it.

Of course, if all goes well I'll probably end up getting a Tenkara rod, and of course, if this fails, I'll probably end up getting a Tenkara rod. Probably would have been better just to pass go. Oh well.