Hope the guy doesn't mind but I hijacked a post on another site because it is interesting. The rods were 9', 5 weights of a few manufacturers with lines that were 125 feet in length.

The question was about the results of recent competitive distance casting contests using a one handed fly rod:

"Here are the results for the men from the first four ISE Best of the West casting contests I added Phoenix just in case you didn't get it on the other site.

Los Angeles, California
1st place: Ian Walker, Huntington Beach, CA: 105' 7"
2nd place: Joe Libeu: 101' 1"
3rd place: Bob Middo: 100' 10"

Sacramento, California
1st Place: Josh Stephens, Bayfeld, CO: 102' 9"
2nd Place: Floyd Dean: 101' 0"
2rd Place: Rick Hartman: 96; 7"

Denver, Colorado
1st Place: Clay Roberts, Divide, CO: 115' 6"
2nd Place: Landon Potter: 111' 8"
3rd Place: Brian O'Keefe: 106' 6"

San Mateo, California
1st Place: Steve Rajeff, Battle Ground, WA: 110' 9"
2nd Place: Michael Caranci: 95' 4"
3rd Place: Corky Wray: 94' 7"

Phoenix, AZ
1st Place: Rick Hartman 112'
2nd Place: Jeff Courier 101' 8"
3rd Place: Frank LoPresti 99' 10"