There are some good suggestions above. The only thing I'd add is that you fish small spring creeks and the 2 wgt rod you have sounds rather ideal for that purpose. You didn't mention size and characteristics of the next river you plan to fish. If not too big and swift I would go to a 5 wgt or if you have lots of bucks a 4 wgt. Winding up some day 0, 2, 4, and 6 wgts. Or 0, 2, 5, and 8 wgts. If there are large rivers or you fish the salt, a 9 wgt or larger can be added to the first group. I used to fish a wide range of streams and I had it pretty well covered with 1,3,6,and 9 wgts.

If you're a member of a club its a good Idea to have everyone bring a bunch of rods to an outing so you and others can test a lot of them. Masking tape with at least owners name rod weight should be placed over the manufacturers logo. After playing with a good number of rods, switch lines around (have stickers on reels showing line sizes). Have one of the best casters try your 2 wgt and make recommendations. My guess is that its a pretty good rod! Casts in the 60 to 80 ft range with a 2 weight should be possible for a 2 weight depending on experience and skill. Casts this long are very seldom made on the small spring creeks that I fish.

Ol, Bill