I was looking over the market last days for kind of "the best buck for the deal" rod.
Did someone have by any chance the oportunity to really compare those nice mid-priced rods of the "non-fancy" brand, i.e. ECHO, Albright, Elkhorn, TFO, Fly logic, diamondback, Redington all of those brands offer same range of price for rods that sounds very good when you read the reviews over the web...
I don't have some shops with the six first ones near my place, so how can I compare them...

I own a TFO pro, that I like very much, but when I compare the comestics of those rods to the pictures of the others they don't seem to have the best cosmetic, but they are very efficient and please to cast.

So I ask your opinions on a comparison between the seven brand I just mentioned, did anyone had made a real direct comparison side to side ? (Cosmetics, casting strokes, lightness etc...)

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