Had my first opportunity to fish for wild brookies last week. I am new to fly fishing, since last summer, and I have been trying to add to my resume. After doing some research and getting some good advice from some locals, I hiked into Old Rag Mountain in search of my first brookie. I don't have any pics, since it poured rain on me all day, but I did bring my first brookie to hand on a "Spirit of Pittsford Mills" size 14. Not only was it my first brookie on a dry, but my first trout on a dry. Wading a small mountain stream with lots of falls, in the rain, is a LOT different than wading the Gunpowder, my local tailwater. There were more kinds of bugs hatching than I have ever seen at the same time. The hatch lasted about an hour and a half and included rusty spinners and blue wing olives. All in all, a great day.