In a last minute decision, Maine cancelled the Atlantic salmon season scheduled to begin May 1. The move to call off the season may be related to a pending decision of the federal government whether to list the Penobscot, Kennebec and Androscoggin Atlantic salmon runs as threatened or endangered. For more:

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NB Premier Shawn Graham addressed Atlantic Salmon Conservationists at ASF's Toronto Event Wed., Mar. 29, and noted ASF's commitment to salmon conservation. The Toronto Dinner and other ASF events support salmon conservation initiatives that include tracking Atlantic salmon at sea, and the Greenland Agreement that reduces harvest pressure on salmon.
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As part of the tracking research program, receivers are already being deployed in areas such as the Bay of Fundy, with preparations continuing for work in areas from the Miramichi to the Strait of Belle Isle.

In Prince Edward Island, an Atlantic salmon study finding salmon runs have been greatly reduced in the past decade has gained much attention. For one story, go to:

To see the study itself, you can go to: