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DEC Confirms Presence Of Didymo In Esopus Creek

Aquatic Algae Discovered in Popular Recreational Waterway

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Pete Grannis today announced that didymo, an invasive species, has been confirmed in the Esopus Creek in Ulster County.
This is the first known presence of this aquatic algae, also called "rock snot," in the Esopus and the third confirmed location in New York State. The Esopus is a popular recreational waterway for fishing, kayaking and tubing, and is a drinking water source for New York City.
DEC collected samples and confirmed the presence of didymo in the vicinity of several public access sites along a 12-mile stretch of the Esopus from the "Shandaken Portal" (which transfers water to the Esopus from Schoharie Reservoir) to New York City's Ashokan Reservoir."