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    Default May Swap Theme

    May's swap theme is hoppers/crickets or stimulator patterns.

    Be artsy or stick to regular recognized patterns is you want. You can use foam for the hoppers or yarn/hair. Whatever. The only thing i ask is to tie something you would use in a real scenario.

    PM me the pattern and I'll respond with my address to ship it to and post your selected pattern here. Thanks. If you have any questions, please ask.

    1.) Ben - Fat Albert in green and tan -- RECEIVED
    2.) Gigmaster - Black Deer hair Cricket -- RECEIVED
    3.) John R - foam hopper -- RECEIVED
    4.) Ol' Blue - Al's Foam Hopper -- RECEIVED
    5.) jdubach - orange Kauffman's stimulator
    6.) Cal E. Batis -- simple foam hopper -- RECEIVED
    7.) FISHNFOOL9 - stimulator of some kind -- RECEIVED
    8.) nyfisherman - stacked hair wing hopper -- RECEIVED
    9.) ibrb - Charlie Boy Hopper -- RECEIVED
    10.) 10ae1203 - AK's Hopper -- NOT COMPLETED
    11.) DManley -- U.P. cricket -- RECEIVED
    12.) hugefish_80 -- NOT COMPLETED
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