Heavier rods may help land fish quicker. Depends on a lot of factors. Also what characterizes big fish.

I have been fortunate enough to fish a couple of lakes that produced good numbers of 20-28 inch trout at the time I fished them. Using 4-7 wt rods it took about the same amount of time to bring the fish to hand regardless of rod used.

I have also fished 20-40b yellowfin tuna in a 6 foot swell where experienced anglers that used 10wts took much long to bring in fish than those using 12-13 weights. When the anglers trying 10wts switch to the heavier rods, they were able to get the fish in quicker. In that swell they were able keep more pressure on with out the surge from the swell bursting the rod and the greater lifting strengh of the heavier rods help with the vertical battle shortstoking the fish the the surface.