I told the DNR guy before the fish kill on my Creek that he was NUTS if he thought Cheese Factory discharge wouldn't affect my creek(Krok Cr, Kewaunee Co), THAT SUMMER there was a major fish kill and it was discovered they exceeded their BOD discharge 500 times!!!!...THE PERMIT ALLOWED discharge to be up to 200 degrees F, it enters the Creek TEN FEET downstream from where it is rated a Class 1 stream....I showed 2 DNR personal where grazing cows had caused 4FEET of silt and sand to fill in EVERY "hole" on my property and showed them COW **** AND **** as it floated by while we stood on the bank....DNR= Do Nothing Rangers....and as far as the cops that shot the guy in GB 14 times, with a bar full of people in the background,last year as he flipped open a cell-phone, THEY ARE USELESS COPS and they should NEVER be allowed to serve again..and today they are all on the street!