Saturday, good buddy Gary & I hit wirebender's pond. It's a very small gem way out in the country, & it IS a gem! Gary has a fly rod, but enjoys spinning for bass. I wanted some gills for the freezer as the Grandkids love to help Grandpa do fish fries. We just slayed 'em. Gary basically stayed in one small area & must have caught & released 30 bass, all in the 2 lb range....He didn't have many casts without a hit. He was fishing plastics & spinnerbaits. I fished almost totally with my 2wt & size 14 foam beetles..took home 25-30 6"-7" gills, which are now in the freezer. I DID go pitch 4 casts for bass, moving a lightly weighted black bunny strip/circle hook VERY slowly & picked up 1 decent bass. What surprised us both is that both bass & gills fought far harder than we would have expected for their size...Must be the water! The pics below are of 2 bass, 1 of Gary & 1 of my bass..poor pic as I just held the bass out.

One of the MANY Gary took..this is the size he was getting all afternoon

My bass...not big, but a HARD fighter

No pics of gills...maybe I'll post pics of the Munchkins eating them!