Hi guys.

I managed to get my hands on the following three split cane rods and would appreciate if anyone have some info on these rods form me. I have been searching on the net and haven't found to much.

The one is a Hardy H.E Accuracy two piece rod with the number E94384 stamped on the reel holder.The only other wording is just in front of the grip in a spiral around the cane. its says "Regd Trade Mark Palahoma/Palakoma??, The H.E Accuracy"

The second is a two piece rod with a sticker that says registered trademark Octopus ESS and made by Sealy england in front of the cork grip. The label on the cloth bag says "Made by Edgar Sealy and sons Ltd Est.1895, Brockhillworks, Redditch, England

The third one is quite a long and heavy three piece rod with the only writing on in front of the long cork grip saying "The Medway" and Made in England. There is also a small picture of a guy in a hat and a suite with a fishing rod that says "Regs trade mark".The canvas bag also have the same picture on with "fishing tackle" written on the side and something that I cannot make out on the top and the bottom in what appears to be gold writing.

Any help would be appreciated