I took my son fishing last night, while my daughter was at choir practice.

He's been actually WANTING to fish lately! Hooray! :thumbsup:

So, I rigged up his ultralight with a tiny 1/100th oz lead-head fly I had tied up, and put it about 1.5'-2.0' under a bobber. After just a few clumsy casts, he started really chucking it out there FAR. But actually his clumsy casts caught all his fish. On cast #1, he caught a 9" Hybrid Sunfish!! 2nd cast...a decent bluegill (for that pond), and then that was all he caught. About 10 minutes after his 2nd fish, my wife called my cell phone, and Carson picked talking to Mom over catching fish. He was bummed when it was time to go, though.

I used my fly rod and caught at least a dozen bluegills in about 20 minutes, but nothing as big as Carson's Hybrid!

Here's Carson's 9" Hybrid Sunfish: