Hello all, and first let me thank you for any help or insight you may be able to give.

I am looking at purchasing a Sea Eagle 9 inflatable boat for doing some mild lake fishing. Most of my trips may be with my 11 year old daughter. The reasons I am looking at this type of boat is due to the fact that living in an apartment I need something that can be deflated and collapsed easily.

The thing is, I am not to familiar with anything other than the Zodiac type of inflatable boats. Working for the military I don't have the money to buy anything that expensive. I need to keep the investment under $750 (with a small elec motor and battery), thus another reason for looking at the Sea Eagle 9.

My fishing will be mostly for bass and bluegill, and fishing will be for me with the fly rod, and with the 11 year old using spinning gear. I am just trying to find something that is safe and gets us off the bank. Not planning on doing and windy or rough water trips, just nice casual days when I can get time away.

Here is a link to Sea Eagle's website and the particular boat I am looking at (Fisherman's Dream Package.)

If anyone has any info on this boat, advise on it or another like it, or has had any experiences (good and bad) with this boat or something like it, please help me. I don't have the kind of money to throw away if the product isn't made well, or isn't safe.

Thanks in advance!!


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