After reading about this rod building addiction for a couple years, until recently I had been able to fight it off successfully. Then I finally stepped off the end and ordered a Rainforest RX7 6 1/2 foot 2 piece 2wt kit. So far I have the reel seat and cork glued on, the tiptop and 4 of 8 guides wrapped and the ferrel area wrapped. I have managed to get the ferrel also done with a small gold trim wrap and intend to get it finished before a trip to Bennett Springs some time in May. This kit came with single foot guides and after reading about the elastic string, which I already had some, I tried it on these tiny guide feet and it worked GREAT. Just tie an overhand knot around the blank and slip the foot under it and tie another double knot on the back side and then just slice it off when you reach it with the wrapping thread. I started wrapping from the tip down and those first 4 guides were tiny and even smaller after I filed down the foot for a better fit. Thanks for the great advice, because I am sure I would have struggled with these other wise. I can't wait to try it out in the outlet creek down there. Just what I need, another endeavor to take up my time, but I am already planning a Christmas gift for son if this works out well.