Went out Sunday to "The Factory". Water temp taken about 1pm was 57...at 2:30, it was 62 degrees. Did alright, but only took a few pics. Gills were both in the 9" range..we caught several more, all between 8 1/2+ & 9". Bass were small but fun. Best part of the trip was that I got to meet Tom's one Daughter (Tanya) & Son in Law (Steve) whom I had not yet met. All Tom's children have built very nice homes on this large property, & Steve & Tanya also have a pond. Steve & sons are avid fly fishermen & I was invited to fish their pond ANYTIME I want....He told me the gills aren't as big as The Factory's, but the bass run pretty large. He also said I could keep all the gills I want for the table, & he just bought 100 crappie & 100 yellow perch, so I can get some cold water crappie soon. What a GREAT day!! Here are the pics:

Buddy Gary minus one shoe....I don't know why I get friends like this!?!

Small bass on a bunny strip/circle hook

These last 2 are a couple 9" gills..nice but we'll do better when it warms up

Hope to make it to Steve & Tanya's this weekend (weather permitting). If I do, I'll report.