The Guys at our midnight Fly Tying Round table, boy can that Casey tye some flies! We definitely got a lesson in tying and a few new variations to tryout over teh weekend. Nick also getting after a few risers we chased towards the Castles area on our last night there. What a night it was, we had the entire area to ourselves and plenty of fish to cast to. Too bad yours truely took a slippery step and went down on the water, yep I got a little wet and froze my tail off for short period before resisting the Risers and headed back to the car to change.

Yes I was a little lucky as well and lost track of how many fish each day. a good thing to have happen and and I always seem to get dialed into to atleast a few trout from time to time. I did loose a very nice fish on Sat and though it's par for the course in this big fish water, I'm still thinking of Nemo that got away due to my rusty winter skills.....hmmm kind of reminds me of buddy from last June (now lives in Minn) that missed a butte of a beast that slipped through the legs and our net was too small to grab it OUCH!

The Majical Mysis from my buddy Brian's sick!!
Can't wait to get back to the Pan and continue that 3-4x a year and hopefully be able to hit it about 5x this year if I'm lucky enough. You either love the Frying Pan or hate it, how again would someone dislike it??? Oh yeah it has a few people, well I'm sure after your 25th take on the day all is forgotten.