I can remember some kind of excitement about the nylons (stockings) and women, my mom included going nuts about them. My mother would come to me for run repairs. A dab of model airplane dope would stop a run in its tracks...Then WW2 came and nylon went to war along with Lucky Green and everything else. No more nylon for leaders, stockings or anything else around here. Ladies and girls (my sister included)would paint their legs with some kind of goop to give them a little color. We boys laughed like a bunch of jack asses but secretly we liked the effect when combined with Bobby Sox. ADMIT IT you old letchers, I did! Then, sometime later, after a bunch of partisans had hung Mussolini up by his toes and Hitler dropped cyanide and toped it off with a slug to his head, even killed his poor pooch (the SOB). Anyhow after the war, Nylons came back accompanied by riots, black eyes and bloody noses at the hosiery counters of the nations most prestigious department stores. Did the women get pretty rough trying to secure a stupid pair of nylons? Noooooo they had the comon sense to send their husbands, boyfriends, and sons to do the dirty work. Lines of gentlemen stood for hours... getting more restless and red eyed every minute. Then things got a little violent and a few shoves were followed by fistacuffs, breaking glass and shouts of kill the bast..... Some marines at the back of the line about a block away and just back from the pacific were planning an all out frontal attack on the counter. The poor sales girls were hardly able to move due to out and out horror. All I could think was what the hell am I doing here...I've successfuly dodged the war in the Pacific by being too young. Now I'm going to be overrun and killed by a bunch of home grown terrorists in a department store? Dang, I was saved by the alomic bomb along with millions of other kids my age and millions of japanese as well and its all come down to this?. A Ranger on crutches and his head in bandages turned and said "don't worry kid, This is good training...worse than anything I saw in France.

Ol' Bill