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    Fished with Bruce Ristow for 2.5 hours today. We got a late start. On water about 9:45AM
    the sun was up and the skies were robbins egg blue. It got down to 21 degrees here last night.
    Bruce had be talking about a stream in Southwestern Vernon county Wisconsin that had some privately made lunker bunker structures. They were 25 years old.

    Bruce had been raving about this water for a while so we hit it today. I generally don't like lunker structures. They feel too artificial and there is no real reading of water involved.

    The trout were hard to come by. Bruce had 2 to hand. About a 14er and 16er. I landed three. About a 17er/14er/10er.

    In the middle of our journey there was a massive beaver dam. This appeared to stop any type of up/down stream movement on the water.

    The photo above is where there was no lunker structure.

    My experience today with lunker structure just solidifies my dislike for it.
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