Good buddy Gary & I made it out today for the first time this year. Didn't go to "The Factory" as they were not home & I will not show up there "unannounced". We hit 3 other ponds within 2 miles of one another. Water temp was 53-54 degrees & action was extremely slow. I took 2 bass, 12" & 13" on a pink honeybug, & a solid 9" gill on my yellow woolly worm. It was just great to get out....Good for the soul!!
What I was most pleased about was the performance of my new 3wt line. It was my 1st time using a double taper as opposed to the weight forward I have always used before, & it performed very well....I lost NO distance (at least that we could see) & it roll casts like a champ.
Avery good day.