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    Default Assigned pattern swap

    This is a swap that will be a bit different. You will sign up for the swap, and when it fills I will assign each of the tyers a pattern at random.

    Standard rules apply. Don't sign up if you can't meet the deadline. Signups are open until 3/25. I will assign patterns on 3/26 or as soon as the swap fills. Flies will be due to me by 4/30. Send your 12 toetagged flies to me in a crushproof package along with return packaging and postage (no metered mail).

    The patterns that will be assigned will come from this list:

    pheasant tail nymph
    gold ribbed hare's ear
    basic dry fly
    woolly bugger/worm
    elk hair caddis

    As you can see, the list is longer than the entries, so they won't all be assigned. I will allow each tyer to pick up to 2 patterns on the list that they would like to be exempted from if you so desire. Otherwise, be sure you can tie at least 12 of the patterns listed. To make it perfectly clear, exemptions only. I'm not assigning patterns by request. It will be random. Besides, they aren't difficult patterns to tie, so that shouldn't be a problem, right?

    1. ol' blue - crackleback - completed
    2. jburge - woolly bugger/worm - RECEIVED
    3. Cal E. Batis - ant - RECEIVED
    4. ibrb - clouser - RECEIVED
    5. sanctyphillia - gold ribbed hare's ear - RECEIVED
    6. jimsnarocks - hopper - RECEIVED
    7. Rangerman - damsel - RECEIVED
    8. scubatim - midge - RECEIVED
    9. hugefish_80 - pheasant tail nymph - RECEIVED
    10. SullyTM - scud - RECEIVED
    11. BadBug - zugbug - RECEIVED
    12. millerwb - schwapf - RECEIVED

    I will be out for a couple of days, so I won't be replying to this post until Friday or so. First 11 to post here will get spots. Thanks for looking.
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