Terrific website. So much valuable information. I will probably post on something that has already been covered because I haven't read it all. How about a menu item on the home page..."How to get around on this website?" There is soooo much good stuff here. Some of us are not that computer savvy. Perhaps a Tree....showing each menu and what is inside each? For example....to get to Ladyfisher or Dave Micus archives.....what is the best way....search?...or go down the tree path...etc. I actually printed the main menu and then clicked on it and printed the NEXT page...and then the archive list of each major contributor. I put it all in a 3 ring binder. Some day I will break it up into dividers...and a table of contents. I usually take something like this and break it up and file it into a daytimer 1-31 file. Right now for example....to get to the archives of old flies I would: go to home page, clk on fly tying, clk on old flies and stuff, scroll to all the way to the bottom and clk on Archives. I do the same for Dave Micus, Ladyfisher, etc....couldn't these steps to each archive be in a menu item of HOW TO? Or is there a better or simplier way? I know, it's dumb.

Plain old Jim, I'm Plain...and I'm old.