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Thread: I am the dumbest rodbuilder in the world!

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    Unhappy I am the dumbest rodbuilder in the world!

    Well, I've reached a new low. I picked up a spey blank to build up (after winning the speycasting book offer here on FAOL). It was a Forecast 8/9 weight blank. Mistake 1: I got it second hand, so I didn't get anything identifying it as a Forecast blank. Mistake 2: I glued the handle up without pulling out all of the sections from the bag. I glued the handle assy up to the 3rd instead of the 4th. I already pulled off the spey cork, but can't remove the seat.
    So now I have one of the middle sections ruined and no real way to return it to the manufacturer to try to get a replacement section. Well, that rod is scrapped. I guess I can try building up the 2 (or 3) tip sections as a 6' or 9' shorty and hope it will cast something well. It isn't really anything I need as a shorter rod. UGH! I guess I shouldn't work on rods when I'm not feeling well. Out of funds for another blank. I guess I'll have to start fresh another time.
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