Atlantic Salmon Federation research staff are now undertaking preparations for the at-sea research that is being so effective in unravelling the mystery of salmon migration and helping us understand Atlantic salmon mortality at sea. Proceeds from ASF dinners help support this cutting edge research.

In 2008 we tracked Atlantic salmon from many rivers, including MIRAMICHI, RESTIGOUCHE and ST-JEAN(Cote Nord) as far as the outer coast of Labrador. We also tracked kelts from the Miramichi just as far. Information gained included not just migration routes, but sea temperature, etc.

ASF volunteers and staff are in the midst of delivering eggs to more than 600 schools that participate in the Fish Friends program. The deliveries are completed in Connecticut and Maine, are underway in Nova Scotia; and will soon be underway in New Brunswick and Newfoundland.
Read more about one set of deliveries in Nova Scotia at:

Dams are always a hot issue in Atlantic salmon conservation. Now there appears to be a new way to assess how much damage takes place to the brains of young salmon as they descend through or past dams. An interesting read in the NY Times:

Aquaculture continues in the news. Nova Scotia's Port Mouton residents are concerned that expanding fish farms may not have sufficient water movement to avoid degradation of the seafloor.
There is also concern about impact on other species.

In aquaculture's wider context, there is concern for the sustainability of small fish species used as feed as the UN calls for more fish farming.