Hey Everyone,

This is my first report on here. Im also using it as a way to say thanks to the people who sent me some backing to make indicators for nymphing. So thanks to those people and what i made with your materials worked very well.

This week i tied up my own leader with an orange backing indicator. In NJ there is almost no better place to short-line/czech nymph that the Ken Lockwood Gorge on the South Branch of the Raritan.
I got there around 11:30 and started fishing up top. The place was pretty crowded today, even some of the off-beat spots were taken when i arrived, but never the less there was still plenty of water. The indicator rig worked very well and made watching your line when short-line/ czech nymphing much easier.
I was fishing with the same two flies all day, a #14 BH prine and #16 BHFB pheasant tail. I might have had a few hits in the first hour or so but it was very slow. I ran into a guy and we were fishing the same flies, both with no luck really, he only had one on the PT. Being stubborn i knew the flies should work, so i didnt change. It seems that everyone i talked to had the same story, no fish/one fish, slow day.
Finally around 2:30/3:00 things started to pick up and i was getting hits. I fished a nice run and hooked into a very eratic wild brown. The little guy went nuts to where i thought it might be a small SMB. I ended up with a 9/10'' brown that took the PT.

Not much later i was fishing what some call the 'honey hole' and hooked into another fish. It was a big ugly brookie. This one took the prince nymph on a swing at the end of a drift. As my flies drifted in front of a rock a swung them up to the surface and felt this guy hit. It looked similar to one i caught a month ago from the same spot, kinda beat up, but in better condition now.

This was now the part of the day i enjoyed the most. It was a little before 4pm and almost everyone was gone from the gorge and i didnt run into anyone else for awhile. Not to mention the fish finally got active.
I was coming up to a run at always excites me (you'll see why). There is always something there.
I tossed in my flies and after a few drifts i see my line pause and set the hook on a nice fish. First the fish just sat in the current shaking before deciding to take off downstream. This was a time i wished i had a net, or better yet a net man! As the fish was rolling and splashing i realized it was a big wild brown. This fish didnt give up, running downstream over rocks and rapids. Worried i would break off i chased it down practically falling in numerous times in the proccess. The fish finally came to rest in a deeper pool and let me get behind him, this was over 50 yards from where i hooked it. I eventually got to get a good look at the fish, it was wild brown with good colors pushing 16'', good and healthy. This fish took the PT, i knew those flies would work.

I headed back upstream now to fish on my way back to the car. I ended up with a LDR from a trout of some sort and also a sucker. The hot time of the day was between 3pm and 4pm. It was a nice day with a nice brown. I have yet to catch a rainbow in NJ for 09 so i really hoping to get one today.