I got to go back to the Duck River with Jack again today. My 2nd fly fishing trip. I had a great time, only caught one, but if you could catch them all it be called "catching" instead of fishing. I am not sure how many Jack caught, but I know he got one good rainbow. They stocked it today, but we didn't have as much luck as Monday. It was very windy and a front was coming through. I know, I know, those are just excuses, but they are the only ones I have.

Still it was a better start than Monday. Monday was my very first trip fly fishing, and I couldn't wait to get started. It took longer to get there than I thought it would and I was about 30 minutes late. The only thing worse than a man that is late for fishing, is a man that bends over in the parking lot and blows out the seat of his brand new waders. BEFORE he even gets to the water. I knew I was going to make a good friend though, because Jack didn't laugh. At least not where I could see. lol

I only wish Warren could have made it, but we'll get together sometime I am sure.