A father had two sons as different as can be. One was dismal all the time and the biggest pessimist ever seen, while the other was always happy and a hopeless optimist. The father wanted to teach them both a life lesson. So, he built a dividing wall in the garage, filled one side with toys and the other with horse manure. He put the optimist in with the manure and the pessimist in with the toys and left them there for about an hour. When the father returned he heard singing and sobbing. He opened the toy side and there sat his pessimist son crying. The father asked: ?What?s wrong, why aren?t you playing with the toys?? The son replied that he was sure the toys belonged to a big boy who when he returned and found the toys played with he would beat him up. The father sighed and let the lad go back to the house. Then he went to the manure side and found his optimist son singing and shoveling the manure from one side of the garage to the other. ?What the heck are you doing and what are you so happy about? The son replied ?With this much horse manure, there is bound to be a pony in here somewhere!" The father gave up?