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From early 1987 until late 1991, I received typed and written loss & incident reports each day of what happened at about 40 hotels. I have kicked myself many times for not keeping the "good" reports. I am sure there was a good book in there.
Ah, come on, I bet you can remember a few of them. Care to share?

As a frequent business traveller for over 30 years, I've got a couple of those myself.

I once found a woman's diamond wedding ring in my hotel room that had been left by a prior guest. It was hanging on the light switch at the head of the bed. I reported it at the front desk, and I gave them my name and telephone number, but I kept the ring (contrary to what the desk clerk wanted me to do) but no one ever contacted me to claim it. I always wondered why not? I still have it somewhere around my house.

I stayed in a hotel room in Aston Clinton, England for over a month not long after Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had lived in that same room for over a year, and it was at that hotel where Burton had given Taylor that humongous diamond ring (I forget what it was called). You better believe I looked all over that room for lost jewelry, but didn't find anything. If only those walls could have talked?

While working for Ford in Dearborn, one of my co-workers spent some time in the Hyatt Regency which Ford owned, that was just across the highway from Ford's world headquarters. He told me that a maid at the hotel had found $50,000 in currency left behind in one of the rooms. No one ever came forward to claim it, and in accordance with the hotel's policy the money was given to the maid after a reasonable time. Could be that the person that had left that money behind wasn't living very long after his boss was told about the missing cash.

And that's no joke.