...so this summer my wife and I marked 40 years of marriage, but my wife, feeling the union had lost some of its lustre, insisted we see a marriage
counselor. I finally agreed and last week we had our first "session". The counselor sat us down in his office and proceeded to ask my wife her opinion
of the problem. My wife offered a litany of perceived shortcomings...."he doesn't pay attention to me anymore...I don't feel loved....don't feel I can
love..."etc., etc.

After about 10 minutes of this, the therapist came from behind his desk, held my wife in a voluptuous embrace, nibbled on her ear and kissed her....
long and passionately. I found this a little strange but didn't say anything until he looked at me and said "now THAT is what your wife needs three
times a week! Do you think you can do that? I told the guy that I could have her there on a Monday and a Wednesday, but on Fridays I go fishing.

I guess it helped because my wife hasn't scheduled any other appointments.