Three couples were out partying one night, and after finishing several bottles of champagne, climbed in the van to travel to the next destination. Traveling along the highway, going a little too fast, the van swerved, ran into a concrete abutment, and all of the occupants were killed. Next thing you know, they are all lined up at the pearly gates, waiting in front of St. Peter.
The first couple steps up and the husband says, "St. Peter, we are here to enter into Heaven."
St. Peter looks down at them, then looks in the great book in front of him. He runs his finger down one or two pages, then says, "I'm sorry to say, sir, that you have lived a life of gluttony, and are not yet ready to enter into Heaven. You have always thought of little else in your life, except food. Rich foods, spicey foods, fatty foods. You craved food so much that you even married a woman whose name reminded you of food. I'm afraid that you and your wife Candy will have to spend the next 10 years in Purgatory." He directed them to a door to the side of the hallway, and the couple trudged off.
The next couple stepped forward and asked to be admitted. Again, St. Peter looked them over, scanned his book, and said, "I'm sorry sir, but you have lived a life of greed. All you thought about was money. You wanted more and more money, and did not care what you did to amass your fortune. Your greed was so great, that you even married a woman whose name reminded you of money. Now you and your wife Penny will have to spend the next fifteen years in Purgatory." He motioned them through the door, and turned to the third couple.
As he looked down, the third man turned away and started toward the door to Purgatory. "Never mind," he said. Turning to his wife, the man said, "Come on, Fanny, let's go."